Balancing Architecture and Family

How have all the greats done it? LeCorbusier, Mies, Wright, Kahn, Gehry…?  It’s interesting to me how some of these “greats” on this list were great architects, but not so great, in fact, when it came to their families.

Unfortunately, in light of our career driven society, the measure of a man seems to be about how famous he is or how much money he brings in.  For some, this seems to be the driving force behind their existence.  Eternal value seems to bear so little significance to the gathering of temporary things.

I find myself as of late spending more and more time at the office.  I’m missing out on some of those little moments with my 3 year old daughter, moments that I can never get back.  All in an effort to provide for my family and give them the most that I can.  In my efforts to give them the most that I can, I’m falling short in giving them the thing that that matters most to them… my time.

 I guess architecture is not that different from any other creative career in that, the creative process takes much time.  If you’re in a creative field, stay focused on your practicing and honing your skill set, and become the best that you possibly can at whatever it is you do, but remember, take some time for the most important things in your life… the people you share it with. They won’t be around forever, and neither will you. 


SIP House by FOAA and North | GBlog

Here’s an interesting example of a regional modern inspired getaway.  The exterior is wrapped in an “asphalt membrane”. The reusability as it relates to this type of a petroleum based product is probably not very good, from a green perspective, but as a material study, this is a relevant approach, as the material will probably weather nicely for years to come.

The all black exterior palette juxtaposed to the brightly colored interior spaces, presents an artistic expression to the traditional form that otherwise could have been banal in this landscape.  The raised foundation gets major points with respect to keeping the land as closed to virgin as possible.  Well done!  Check out the link below to see / read more…

SIP House by FOAA and North | GBlog.

Stone Creek Camp: Andersson-Wise


Regional Modernism is an architectural language of expressing regional architectural forms, often with a regional material palette, but arranging the elements (both in plan and elevation) in a more contemporary manner. I really appreciate this direction of architectural pursuit, as it both relates to our regions cultural past while advancing the architectural technology and artistic expression for our current societal state. This series of dwellings, designed by Andersson-Wise Architects, in Austin, Texas is a great example of just how creativity on the part of the architect can liven up the traditional gabled-roof building form.


The architects use of a diverse material palette highlights the different elements in this design, seemlessly blending the architecture, hardscape and landscape.  The building just looks like it belongs in it’s environment.  


Elements such as the green roof and gravel drive illustrate the architects sensitivity to the surrounding lanscape, while the uses of steel, concrete, stone, glass, and wood add to the value of the designs life cycle cost, as these materials can all lend themselves to recycling and reuse for future generations.


Although this project appears to have had a hefty budget, the principles used throughout this design are simple and don’t have to be costly to achieve similar results. Then again, sometimes you just have to be willing to pay for good design.


Saratoga Creek House by WA Design | HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration.

Here’s an impressive image gallery of the Saratoga Creek House by WA Design.

Saratoga Creek House by WA Design | HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration..