The Cutty Sark conservation project < Projects | Grimshaw Architects

Here’s one of the more interesting architecture projects I’ve seen in quite some time.  Design by Grimshaw Architects, The Cutty Sark conservation project < Projects | Grimshaw Architects is quite the spectacle of engineering, architecture and art, seamlessly combining the artifact with it’s “package”, essentially allowing the artifact, in this case a Tea Clipper ship, to become part of the architecture.  I dare say, it’s quite brilliant!  Well-played, Grimshaw… well-played.



Soe Ker Tie House

A quote from Christian K. Narkiewicz-Laine, the president of one of the organizing bodies of the European Prize for Architecture states, “Architecture should be a vehicle for social change, social improvement, and real cultural development, and not an end result of over-commercialization, over-consumption, and self aggrandizement which is so overwhelmingly apparent in our contemporary world.” Visit the prize’s website below to get a better perspective on the work they are promoting and recognizing.

The European Prize for Architecture

Here’s a link to this year’s winning firm… TYIN Architects

Mendiola Residence, Austin, Texas

Here’s a nice contemporary residence located in Austin, TX, designed by Chioco Design.  The client decided to completely tear down their existing residence in order to get what they wanted.  Here’s the end result…

New technology, reclaimed materials and an enormous protective roof combine in this Hawkins home for irresistible modern rustic charm

Here’s a repost of an article on I don’t care for every aspect of this home, but I do appreciate the eclecticism consistent throughout the home.  The glass bottle rammed earth wall and the red cedar soaking tub are a nice touch. I also like the standard doors mounted sideways in a few locations, in the role of awning windows.  To read the article and see the photos for yourself, click the “Houzz Tour: Under a Metal Canopy in Texas” link here, or above the image slideshow. I hope you find this as interesting as I did, and perhaps a little more, so much so, that you’ll “follow” this blog!

Cottonwood Modern | Life of an Architect

New Project 3d view 02

Here’s an article written by an architect about project site visits.  I enjoyed the read, as it is a good look into some of the nuances of the “boring” (as some designers see it) side or architecture… the foundation.  I subscribe to the “Life of an Architect” blog, and if you have a similar interest in architecture, perhaps you’ll subscribe, too!  (And, while you’re in the subscribing mood, if you’re not already, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, as well.) Click the link below to read the article. Cheers!

Cottonwood Modern | Life of an Architect.