Balancing Architecture and Family

How have all the greats done it? LeCorbusier, Mies, Wright, Kahn, Gehry…?  It’s interesting to me how some of these “greats” on this list were great architects, but not so great, in fact, when it came to their families.

Unfortunately, in light of our career driven society, the measure of a man seems to be about how famous he is or how much money he brings in.  For some, this seems to be the driving force behind their existence.  Eternal value seems to bear so little significance to the gathering of temporary things.

I find myself as of late spending more and more time at the office.  I’m missing out on some of those little moments with my 3 year old daughter, moments that I can never get back.  All in an effort to provide for my family and give them the most that I can.  In my efforts to give them the most that I can, I’m falling short in giving them the thing that that matters most to them… my time.

 I guess architecture is not that different from any other creative career in that, the creative process takes much time.  If you’re in a creative field, stay focused on your practicing and honing your skill set, and become the best that you possibly can at whatever it is you do, but remember, take some time for the most important things in your life… the people you share it with. They won’t be around forever, and neither will you. 


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