Hastings Parade House

Architecture and the process by which a building is designed, from start to finish, is really a symphony of processes that, when properly orchestrated, is a magical journey to experience at some point in your lifetime.

When dealing with a renovation, however, there are so many more variables to consider, such as existing contextual language, history, structure, etc.  The home featured here is an interesting example of juxtaposing traditional and contemporary architectural design.

The Hastings Parade House, named for it’s location, in an area of Bondi, New South Wales, began it’s journey to this point in time as an inter-war Portuguese rendered Bondi house.  In the beginning, perched atop a headland, the home captured expansive views of the beach on one side and the Tasman Sea on the other.  Over the years, however, as the neighborhood developed (or enveloped) around the house, taking away the views.
The objective for  Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architect’s was to restore these views that had been lost while giving the house an update.  To do this, the decision was made to add a second floor and completely reconfigure the interior spaces. Beach and ocean views are now seen from every room, and natural sunlight filters in thoughout the interior, via sawtoothed roof forms w/ clerestories and angles walls orienting views.  I’m not sure if the street facade is the original, but if so, this is a clever answer to keeping the historical language of the house in tact.
Here are some other views of the house…


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