Small House

A potential client walks into an architect’s office one day and says, “I’d like a house designed for myself, somewhat unusual from the norm.  Interested?”.  The response from most architects (if they’re like me) would be, “Have a seat, and let’s talk.”, after of course, they’ve wiped the drool from the side of their mouth.
Then the potential client says, “There is a catch, though. The site is, also, somewhat unusual from the norm.”, as he presents a photograph of the site to the architect.  This is what the architect sees…

This is the site on which Jakub Szczesny is proposing to have his “world’s skinniest home” (or so we believe) built.  

Known as the “Keret House”, the design will range from a mear 2 feet 8 inches wide to a whopping 4 feet at it’s widest point.
Szczesny designed the house for a writer by the name of Etgar Keret (hence the name of the house), to be used as a space for inspiration. The house will also serve as studio space for inspired creatives and intellectuals from around the world, by invitation only, of course.